How to Sell Your House Quickly

You finally landed your dream job, but there’s a catch: it’s located halfway across the country, and you must start in less than two weeks. You live in Bristol, PA and ask yourself, who can sell my home fast?   Scrambling around to purchase a new property and pack your things, you realize that you […]

Can You Sell An Unwanted House?

We all buy homes with the intention that they’ll last us for years. But sometimes, despite our best preparations and intentions, they don’t. Acts of Nature or accidents can cause catastrophic damage to your home, making it unlivable without extensive, costly repairs, and disordered behavior like hoarding can also render a house uninhabitable. In other […]

Are You Working With a Reputable Home Buyer?

In the wake of economic distress and uncertainty, many homeowners in the past decade have found that they need to sell their homes. It goes without saying that selling a home is an emotionally charged situation no matter the circumstances, but especially so when the circumstances are out of your control. Unfortunately, the emotional vulnerability […]

Is the Stronger Dollar Really Better

It seems like just yesterday when the American (and global) economy was circling the bowl. Now some very creative banking practices have returned the dollar to its former glory. In fact, the US dollar now threatens to catch or surpass the euro in value. This may seem like great news for American companies, but think […]

How to Divide My House During Divorce

There are very few events in this life that are more trying and harsh than a divorce. Truth be told, even the most amicable divorces can be filled with a great deal of pain and suffering. Additionally, couples continue to be connected by non-emotional issues that arise long after their divorce has been completed. One […]